PalaeoWISE is a comprehensive database of palaeoclimate proxy records of relevance to Australia’s hydroclimate (Croke et al., 2021).

Data usage notes:

  1. We recommend users refer to Croke et al., 2021 for a full explanation of PalaeoWISE database and all associated files provided below prior to downloading.   
  2. The links below provide access to the PalaeoWISE database and all other data presented in Croke et al., 2021. Figshare is the long-term archive for all data. The README.txt file contains a description of all files.
  3. The PalaeoWISE database is provided in LiPD format (file: If unfamiliar with this format, we suggest starting with ‘Lipd_guide.html’ for instructions and examples about reading LiPD files and basic manipulation. File ‘Lipd_guide.Rmd’, a Markdown file with instructions and examples about reading and manipulating LiPD files, can then be used to interact with the data in PalaeoWISE directly.
    PalaeoWISE is also hosted on the website of NCEI-Paleo/World Data Service for Paleoclimatology. Summaries of PalaeoWISE are provided by files ‘lipd_dashboards.pdf’ and ‘dataset_details.pdf’. An interactive map of proxies compiled in PalaeoWISE is available here.

Palaeowise citation:

Croke, J., Vítkovský, J., Hughes, K., Campbell, M., Amirnezhad-Mozhdehim S., Parnell, A., Cahill, N., Dalla Pozza, R., 2021. A palaeoclimate proxy database for water security planning in Queensland Australia. Scientific Data (in review).

When using PalaeoWISE or proxy records contained within, please cite PalaeoWISE, online resource and date accessed as well as the original research publication. 

Please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions or feedback at