Palaeoclimate for Water Security

Using palaeoclimate data to better plan and prepare for extreme floods and droughts in Queensland

Using palaeoclimate proxies to better inform water planning in Queensland

Paleoclimate research provides the opportunity to look at climate variability beyond the relatively short timeline of instrumental records. This proves especially useful in identifying trends, patterns or cycles in climate events (i.e. multi-year droughts, decadal periods with clustering of major flood events) that may be missing in short records. This project provides an opportunity to develop a methodology to incorporate palaeoclimate proxy data into water security planning for Queensland. Specifically, it provides a methodology for the inclusion of this data into climate adaptation and water security programs by using specific case studies in Queensland. It also delivers an online database of all local and remote data that can be used for the purpose of modelling and managing flood and drought risk in Queensland under a changing climate. This project is funded by the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program and Seqwater.

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